We make a wide variety of pickles, chutneys and sweets using traditional recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation just like for our curries.

All the products are made in the café by our talented ladies, using local produce.

Some of the items mentioned are seasonal and will only appear at the cafe depending on their availability.

Some of our products include;


Carrot chutney

Tamarind Chutney

Mint, Coriander and Chillies Chutney (seasonal)

Raw mango and Apple chutney (seasonal)


Mixed pickle (carrots, chillies, lemons, ginger)
Sweet & pepper pickle
Ginger and chilly pickle
Mango pickle (seasonal)
Plum pickle (seasonal)


Gulab jamun
Assorted Barfi (tablets)

The best deli this side of Delhi!

We sell all of these products in the café. If you are interested in ordering in bulk, please give us a notice of a week in advance.