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Hello digital Life!

How exciting is this!

Social Enterprise Punjabi Junction has officially entered the digital world of e-commerce! We know this has been a long time coming for us, it certainly has been on our agenda for a very long time. And who would’ve thought it would be because of a pandemic we have able to put our all efforts and focus into this project and get it done. Great start to the year 2021!

2020 brought us to standstill and it was difficult (as for many others) to being doing nothing. No events, no catering, no markets and no engagement with our much loved Punjabi Junction followers and customers. Our team was made smaller, roles were changed and we learned to adapt with the “new norm”.  Fast foward to the summer and thanks to fabulous partnerships with local organisations, including Building Bridges, Sikh Food Bank, Helping Hands and Healthytots, we were able to get active and back in the kitchen again. – Through these partnerships and the support of funding we prepared and packed over 800 hot meals which were distributed all over Edinburgh to those who needed them most.

Now its Christmas, one of our busiest periods with markets and stalls and were not there! So we launched our Christmas Hamper and it was positively received – thank you to all those who purchased one, it showed us our products were missed! And so began the research and planning of getting online.

4 months later and here we are – we hope you all enjoy this huge personal achievement of ours and do bear with us over the next few weeks as we learn and perfect the ways of digital shopping.

Now it’s time to get shopping!


Social Enterprise & Media Manager