STARTERS; All starters served with salad and carrot chutney

Chicken pakora £3.99 gf

Fish pakora £3.99 gf

Haggis Pakora £3.99 gf

Vegetable Pakora £3.99 gf v

Baigain Pakora (aubergine) £3.99 gf v

Mushroom Pakora £3.99 gf v

 Vegetable Samosa £3.49 v

Served with spicy tamarind chutney

Pakora Platter £6.99 gf

Selection of chicken, fish, haggis, vegetable, aubergine, mushroom pakoras.


Punjabi Junction Specialities

Aloo Paratha £3.99 v

A spicy potato mixture is used as a stuffing for this Indian flat bread, served with yoghurt & spicy pickle.

Chicken Curry Wrap £4.99

Large chapatti filled with chicken curry & salad

Spinach & Mint Wrap £4.79 v

Large chapatti filled with spinach & tomato & mint chutney

Tandoori Chicken Salad £5.49 gf

Marinated chicken cooked until tender &served with salad seasoned with light Indian dressing



Tharka Dal with Jeera Rice £4.99 gf v

Tharka Dal with Chapattis £4.99 v

Vegetarian Curry with Jeera Rice £5.99 gf v

Vegetarian Curry with Chapattis £5.99 v

Chicken Curry with Jeera Rice £6.59 gf

Chicken Curry with Chapattis £6.59

Methi Chicken Curry with Jeera Rice £7.59 gf

Methi Chicken Curry with Chapattis £7.59

Chicken cooked with dried fenugreek leaves also known as Kasturi methi

Fish Curry with Jeera Rice £6.99 gf

Fish Curry with Chapattis £6.99

Lamb Curry with Jeera Rice £7.59 gf

Lamb Curry with Chapattis £7.59

Lamb Kofta Curry with Jeera Rice £8.59 gf

Lamb Kofta Curry with Chapattis £8.59

Our Kofta curry was included in Madhur Jeffery’s cookery book “Curry nation” & featured on Good Food channel.


Jeera Rice infused with cumin £1.99 gf v

Pulao Rice perfumed with spices and vegetables £1.99 gf v

Poppadum £1.99 v

Served with mango chutney

Roti x2 (Chapatti) £1.99 v

Puri x2 (deep fried chapatti) £1.99 v

Chilli Chips £1.99 v

Indian Style Side Salad £1.99 gf v



Carrot Chutney 99p gf v

Tamarind Chutney 99p gf v

Mango Chutney 99p gf v

Pickle 99p gf v

Yoghurt 99p gf v



Gulaab Jamun £3.59 gf

Assorted Barfi £3.59 v

Please note Barfi, contain nuts


gf: gluten free    v: vegetarian        Meat used in this cafe is non halal.